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    Slingplayer for WD Live channel control


      The Slingplayer app works well so far with my WD Live BUT channel control is a nightmare, because the keypad on default setting will accept only single digit channel locations, which is out of keeping with most cable systems coding.  Using Command 04 supposedly enables three digit input but it times out so quickly that you are confined to literally hitting the same number three times, and then paging through the channel guide.  The best solution I've come upon so far is to use my iPad, start the slingplayer app, change channels there, disconnect, and then start Slingplayer on the WDTV.  Cumbersome to say the least.  Any better ideas out there?  

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          Same problem on my end using the NEOTV to stream. Clunky and very unfriendly to say the least. The app on the are prob the same, would it be to much to ask to be able to type in 700 and it just jump in the guide could spend 10 min to move from single digit to the 700s. Still looking for a way here as well.....................