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    Pro-HD remotely viewing on latest comcast system


      If you intend or unfortunately are in a location that uses comcast digital equipment, you are unable to remotely connect to your slingbox back home.  If you see yourself being in this position, do not buy Slingbox.


      After several hours with both the Comcast and slingbox technical help, the situation is unresolved with neither side knowing/revealing the answer to the problem.  IT IS not a port issue! and still does not work with firewall completely disabled.  I have dropped the issue with Slingbox as my free support has run out while trying to resolve the issue.  They will only continue on a paid support basis......the last technician refused to troubleshoot the comcast connection.


      Slingbox will simply not remotely work through Comcast digital equipment, save your money and look for a Slingbox alternative.


      Comcast and Slingbox == bad marriage!




      Your streaming session ended because of network errors. Try connecting again.

      [Code:W220]  == unresolved!


      Heads up!  spend your money elsewhere.



      Slingbox user 2006 to 2013.



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          tcaradonna Novice

          I use Comcast Digital Equipment (PACE RNG110), live in Chicago, IL and have had no trouble with my Pro-HD when testing it here, both receiving & sending.


          Can you give some more specifics about what is not working out for you?

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              ARRIS TG862G


              errors received as in original post.

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                  i'm also receiving an error message - help anyone??

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                      tcaradonna Novice

                      I guessing that your problem is with Comcast blocking certain traffic.  You need to talk with them.

                      Like I said before, I'm also with Comcast and haven't had this problem, so hard for me to say what's going on.


                      Try checking that your ports are open (especially TCP 5001)  with a port checking service on the web.

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                          Football season is coming and therefore I am trying again to get slingbox to work on my Sony Internet TV box.


                          New facts:


                          Comcast has released new firmware to allow their router to use DNS including Slingbox.  Now it actually DOES work with Comcast on all connected computers.  Still does not work on Sony, Boxee etc.


                          Remaining problem:


                          Slingbox.com works fine on all computers attached to the router therefore the router settings have always been correct at both ends!


                          The software that Slingbox built and licensed to Sony as a preloaded application in their systems (also looks like the Boxee slingbox software is a dud also) is the sole culprit.  Sony NSZ-GS7.


                          So, after exhausting all troubleshooting steps, it has come down to FAULTY slingbox software given to Sony.  By the way, slingbox has blocked the use of their regular web watch software with the Sony box and google chrome among others which they most likely have received private royalties from.  If you happen to hit the right web page, you can see this disclaimer by Slingbox at the bottom of their screen and the systems that are blocked.  So, you are left with the DUD software shipped with the "Connected Devices" slingbox software with no way of deleting, restoring or updating..


                          Current status:


                          Sony top level support is looking into why the slingbox software supplied to Sony is not working with their appliance.  In fact, it does not even show up in the "manage applications" window on the Sony.


                          Interestingly, there is still an unanswered post regarding the Boxee which looks like the exact same issue.


                          After being in the software business for over 15 years, it really surprises me that Slingbox allows/releases software that simply does not work out of the box.  Windows vista was bad but at least it worked.


                          Hopefully Sony will come to the rescue as Slingbox obviously is dismissing their software on these "connected devices".