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    How to add the Slingbox to Sling account


      I just try to connect my new Slimbox and did all ok and ready to connect, but whe I try to start received a message "don't have slingbox registered at your Sling account" and what I need is the ID which is impossible to get with the internet indications...


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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello rrd1946,


          Thanks for using our answers forum! I do apologize for any inconvenience you're experiencing trying to set up your Slingbox. The Slingbox ID will auto populate once the unit is recognized on the network and you have completed set up. What you will need to do is make sure you have solid network and power lights on your Slingbox and then go to Setup on Slingbox.com in order to watch your TV anywhere with your Slingbox.


          Please see step 5 on the Quick Start Guide below to begin.


          Here are a couple of links from our support site which should assist you further:



          Hope this helps!



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