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    Updated router, how to change IP address on Slingbox

    tjbinno Newbie

      Old router was Netgear WGR614.   Slingbox been working fine for over a year.


      Now have update router to Netgear WNDR3700.

      Router is working online and two PC's and one Tivo are conntected and getting onto internet.


      Last device to is Slingbox.

      When setup on old router it was setup with IP address


      Now when plugged into my new router, Slingbox is showing up as connected but with the address.

      The new router (WNDR3700) wants IP addresses 10.0.0.xxx.


      When I go to "watch" via www.slingbox.com, it looks for my slingbox via my account but can't find it. 

      My slingbox is listed on the directory list.


      I'm assuming in last setup slingbox got the IP assigned.  So how do I go about assigning a new one into the Slingbox?

      (I do not how to "reserve" a specific internal IP address on router if needed)