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    Slingbox Solo


      Power light remain solid for only 30 – 45 seconds and then blinks continuous.  Have reboot several times and have the same result.  Is my Slingbox Solo fried?

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Jaccardo,



          Is my Slingbox Solo fried?


          Maybe.  What you described doesn't sound good.


          If a hard reset doesn't help, check the power supply.  Here are some related threads that include the power supply specs and where you might find another one:






          Sling sells them too for $20 bucks:




          Before you go off and pick up a new PS, give the hard reset one more try and be sure to follow the instructions precisely.



          Beyond hard reset and a new PS, you might be out of luck. No power light sounds like a hardware problem to me.  If your Solo is still under the 1-year hardware warranty you should probably give Sling a call.  If not, they can fix it out-of-warranty for a fee.  It's not cheap, but it's far less expensive than buying a new one.



          Good luck,


          - Az