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    Samsung Smart TVs


      Does any one know if Slingbox will offer a Slingplayer app. in the furture for Samsung Smart TVs?

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          Hello rummy,


          Thank you for posting to our forums! That's a great question! There is not yet a SlingPlayer application for any Smart TV. We do not have an ETA on when there will be an application for one of them. However, I would recommend using a Connected Device. An example would be a Western Digital TV. It is a streaming player that connects to your TV via HDMI and has the SlingPlayer application built-in to it so you can stream from your TV.


          Below is a link to a page on our site that explains SlingPlayer for Connected devices:



          Hope this helps!


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              I agree. It has been about a year since I have my Samsung TV and yet NO plugin to use the TV DIRECTLY with the TV's browser!!!

              PLEASE release one. It is more of a problem to use a connected device. YOu cannot do picture in picture etc....

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                Samsung Smart TVs may not have a slingplayer app built in their TVs, but I just saw where the JVC SP500-C TV has a slingplayer built in, and I am wondering if anyone knows which other TVs also provide the slingplayer app, or where I can find this info.  I have a Slingbox 500, and am interested in buying a new TV with this feature.  (The JVC is a little large for me (50")).