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    Slingbox Pro-HD with 9241


      Hi Guys,


      So I bought a Slingbox PRO-HD with the digital tuner last night. I was looking at watching the playoffs when I am away from home on a trip, so I started hooking up the beast last night. I ran into a bit of a road block with hook ups.


      Bell satellite 9241 connection splits the wall connection to go to Sat 1 & Sat 2 on the PVR using a separator (picture attached)2013-04-29 21.07.36.jpg. Slingbox has only 1 in & 1 out for satellite hook up.So I took the wall coax cable & hooked it to the IN port on Slingbox & the Out port to the single port on the Separator, but what I see on the TV is Bell cannot find the satellite connections. So I am confused.


      I currently have the slingbox setup to show live TV, but when I change the channel at home that's the channel I get to see on the road.


      The reason for buying the PRO-HD is for the digital tuner so I can continue watching my channels on the road without interupting my family watchin shows at home

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello pats2306,


          Thank you for posting in the forums! I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble setting up the Slingbox PRO-HD via Built-in Tuner. I would recommend hooking it up this way if you are trying to avoid changing the channel at home: The cable that goes to the Coaxial IN on the cable box should be plugged in to the part of the splitter that only has 1 Coaxial input. Then, you will need to short coaxial cables. One, will connect from one of the 2 coaxial inputs and plug in to the coaxial IN on the Slingbox. Then connected the other cable from the last available input on the Splitter to the Coaxial IN on the Cable box. This should give you audio and video when connecting to the Slingbox and it will also allow you to enjoy one program on your Slingbox while someone at home can enjoy another.


          Below is an article that may help you troubleshoot this issue:



          Hope this helps!


          Best regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team