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    Problem with the Tivo remote "Clear" GUI button


      I noticed a problem with the SlingPlayer for the Tivo.


      Situation here is a Slingbox 500 connected to a Tivo on the far end and a low-end laptop with Vista on this end.  I was able to get everything up and working well.  The problem is with one of the buttons on the SlingPlayer graphical Tivo remote.


      I was attempting to remotely troubleshoot some problem with the cable card in the distant Tivo.  This activity is one of the only ones I know about that requires the "Clear" button (the bottom left button on a standard Tivo remote) to be pressed to exit the Cable Card status/edit screens.


      All of the other buttons were working - but when I clicked on the "Clear" button on the graphical Tivo remote to exit one of those screens there was no response. I tried several times.  I finally called someone at the distant end and had them press the "Clear" button on the real remote.  That worked - got me out of the Cable Card edit screen.  All the other SlingPlayer graphical Tivo remote buttons worked fine.


      I tried this exercise several more times - still the same result - that the SlingBox was not sending the "Clear" IR signal when I clicked on the "Clear" button on teh GUI - although all the other buttons that I tried worked as expected.


      It is reasonable to think that no one else would have tried to remotely troubleshoot cable card problems - and that this just may not have been noticed before.


      Anyone else seeing the same thing?