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    New User needs to know how to watch different channel on laptop then tv


      I just bought the Pro HD model and setup everything works fine except I can't watch anything except what is on my tv.  I have Cox Cable in vegas and have Scientific Atlanta 8300 hd DVR.  I thought I should be able to watch one channel on TV and another channel or recorded program on laptop.  I probably have cabled it wrong.  Can anyone help me?

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Mikeamira,



          Sound like you've hooked everything up properly.  Unfortunately, your Slingbox won't do want you're asking, that's not how it works.



          Think of your Slingbox as a television.  It's a fairly modern TV with no screen, it borrows your computer for that.  It's got the same capabilities and limitations as a regular TV.


          Right now, you have two "televisions" hooked up to one video source- the Pro HD and your regular TV are both sharing the DVR.  You managed that by using two different outputs on the DVR, or with a splitter (the in/out passthrough ports on the back of the Slingbox work like a splitter).


          Either way, you're going to get the same picture on both, just as if you had two regular TVs connected to the DVR.



          The only way to watch two different things is to connect a separate, second video source to the Pro HD.  You have three inputs available, you're currently using one:


          - HD input set (red-green-blue component cables)


          - SD input set (yellow composite/S-Video)


          - RF/Antenna IN (NTSC, ATSC, Clear QAM) for broadcast TV or analog/unencrypted digital cable.


          If you connect an antenna, DVD player/recorder, second cable box, etc. to one of the open inputs, you can sling without interfering with the TV.




          That said, there might be one somewhat limited and cumbersome workaround...


          If your SA 8300HD supports this (most do), you should have a "Copy to VCR" feature when you pull up the options for any of your recorded shows.  What this does is isolate one of the video outputs on the back of your DVR and playback your selected program without disturbing what's showing on your TV.  Video 2 is the one that gets isolated I think, it's likely a yellow composite connection.


          There are some significant limitations though:


          - It ties up one of your tuners until the "VCR dump" ends or you cancel it.  This means the TV is free for use without interference, but you won't have picture-in-picture and can only record what you're watching.


          - You can't Pause/REW/FFW through the show being dumped.  The DVR will play the selected recording from beginning to end without interruption unless you cancel it.


          - You can not watch live TV this way.  Only finished recordings.


          - If you're dumping to the Pro HD and watching the TV, any scheduled recordings that come up will bump the TV user.  If there are two scheduled recordings at the same time, the TV user will get bumped by the first schedule and the second schedule will fail.



          It's far from ideal, but this works in a pinch.  It's averted plenty of arguments at my house.


          If you would like to try this workaround, leave things hooked up the way you have it (I'm assuming you're using component HD cables) and run a second connection between the DVR and Slingbox to the composite SD connection.  You can change inputs in the SlingPlayer.  Switch over to the new connection then pick a recording and Copy to VCR.




          If you can swing it, a second cable box is likely the best solution if you want to watch different things.  Adding an SD DVR or regular cable box might help keep the costs down.  Cox in Tucson only charged me $6/month extra for a second SD DVR.



          Hope this helps !



          - Az

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            eferz Expert

            The secret to watching live TV and a recorded show on the SA8300 is use the "Copy to VCR" option from the recorded program.  This will direct the output of the recorded program to the S-Video/Composite output of OUT2.  This will leave leave the Component/HDMI OUT1 of OUT1 with the ability to watch live TV.


            So, if you had plugged in your Slingbox to the (OUT2) composite outputs, you can then watch the recorded program on your laptop while your roommates watch live TV via (OUT1) HDMI/Component output.