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    Slingbox would not stream without headphone plugged-in


      I do not require audio for my purpose and just want to see video. In my windows 7, PC, if there is no audio device plugged-in it shows as an 'x' mark on speaker . Untill and unless I connect a headphone or a speaker to my PC it does not allow to see video streaming. I see an error message that asks me to update the driver which are perfect and latest. When the headphones are connected it streams fine.

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          Hello MV7ASlingBox,


          Thank you for posting this to the answers forum! I'm sorry to hear you cannot stream without having headphones plugged in to your PC. This is happening because your PC does not have an audio driver. You will either need external speakers, or if this is a laptop, get the audio driver you need to be able to get audio. I understand you do not need audio, however, the SlingPlayer plug-in will not allow you to stream if there is not an audio driver or some sort of external speaker connected to the PC. Your computer uses files called drivers to enable and control audio and video functions, as well as many other things. If your computer's audio and video drivers aren't up to date, then multimedia performance can be affected. Similarly, your computer's BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) controls how your computer manages the data it works with. If your computer's BIOS isn't the latest, it's a good idea to update it. Procedures for obtaining and updating drivers and system BIOS vary widely by computer manufacturer. Check with your computer's documentation to find out how you can obtain and install the latest driver and BIOS files.


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