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    No DVR button for Samsung SMT-H3270


      I just bought a SlingBox 350 to use with my Time Warner Samsung SMT-H3270 cable box.  Everything works perfectly, except that I don't have a DVR button to access the list of recorded programs.  I have tried the web-based viewer/remote in Chrome on my PC, the iOS app on iPad 2 and iPhone 4s, the app on my (also new) WD TV Live, and the Android app on my Galaxy Nexus.  None of them show a DVR or "List" button.  I can only assume there's an issue with the device database that SlingBox has for that model of DVR?  On a couple of devices I can access the main menu on the cable box by clicking any of the "Custom" buttons and get to the list that way, but the PC and iPad for instance don't have any custom buttons displayed.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  I have only had the SlingBox for one day and I already love it.  Watching DVR-recorded content remotely is a big deal for me, however.