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    Blank TV screen when using Component Cables


      I just got my slingbox 500 and set it up.  I have used component+audio (5 cables in all) as input to avoid the HDCP issue and setup looks good.  I can sling all my shows from the slingbox to my ipad and iphone without any issues.  But when i try to watch my television where the slingbox is connected to I get a blankc screen, as if there is no hdmi signal coming from it.  I am able to get the slingbox menu and go to configurations etc, but cant watch live tv when selected, just a blank screen.


      I thought it was the hdmi output cable connection so i tried using and HDMI input, even though i knew about the HDCP issue, and it worked.  I was able to see the screen on my tv (it had the HDCP warning).


      I was wondering if anybody else has had this issue:


      1) Component+audio (input) + hdmi (output) = Blank TV screen

      2) HDMI (input) + hdmi (output) = works fine

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          tcaradonna Novice

          With your original connection, you are asking Slingbox to convert an analog signal to digital in order to display on your TV.  I don't think it can do this.  Please someone correct me if I'm wrong.  HDMI should be passed thru unaltered in your second connection scenario, so its not surprising that HDMI in-->HDMI out worked.

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            I am getting a similar problem.  I had it all set up and everything was working for weeks and then it stopped working when I just try to watch tv.  I can still get sligbox on my computer and do everything but cannot just watch tv.  I have my cable box hooked up with both HDMI and Component and then HDMI hooked up to my tv (via a receiver).  I had component hooked up from slingbox to tv (via receiver) as well and that also did not work.  When I went back to setup I could see the small tv image that shows up but then when I switched to live tv I lost the signal and tv went blank.