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    Poor Audio Quality with Slingbox 500


      I have the same problem mentioned in many items in the Audio Quality discussion. I replaced all my cables with upgraded cables to no avail. Sling Media support replaced my Slingbox 500 but I still have the same problem. This is obviously a bug within the software which Sling Media has yet to fix and to acknowledge. What a shame for excellent product. Come on Sling Media, fix this problem!

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          craig.sling Novice

          Hello dasarnow1,


          Thank you for posting here on the forum and I would like to be of some help to you. There are a few questions I have for you. What is the speed of the Internet that you are using? What exactly is going on are you getting a feed back sound or what kind of audio is there? I have a few things I would like you to try to see if we can get that unit up and going with audio. the first thing I would like you to try is to go into your cable box menu. There should be a setting in there for Setup or Audio settings. Click on that tab and there should be an Optimize button.Optimizing the audio usually clears up a lot of audio issues that are seen with the newer boxes. Another solution I could suggest is trying to play with your quality settings. We see that audio is the last output of the Slingbox. If the speed is low than the audio can be effected before the picutre is effected.  I will post a few article you can look over to see if they help.




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            jorotsakov Newbie

            I am having the same problem. When I listen to music on my slingbox 500 the audio bit rate does not go higher than 96 kbps and the whole thing sounds compressed. Currently my slingbox 500 is connected via HDMI only and I watch my slingbox thru the local network. Tried this with Google TV, iPhone app, PC, MAC - it all sounds the all same. In addition, I tested the same setup but this time without the slingbox 500 - now everything sounds great. Is there a way to set the bitrate higher? For example to 192 kbps?