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    Replacement for Slingcatcher?


      Now that the Slingcatcher has been thoroughly killed off, I would like to ask: is there any similar device out there which can be used as a Sling client?


      I am a bit old-fashioned. I do not want to watch TV on a hand-held gadget. I do not want to watch TV on my PC (which is in a different room anyway). I want to watch TV on my (47" LG) TV. This is what Slingcatcher was built to do.


      So Slingcatcher has been discontinued. The odd one still crops up used on Ebay, but I wouldn't like to buy simething that is no longer supported or updated. I have no idea why Slingcatcher was thus got rid of, and no replacement offered, but there it is. Ours is not to reason why...


      So are there any other Sling client devices out there which connect between the internet and a TV?


      As I said, I do not want to set up a PC for this - it would mean finding a PC with a suitable graphics card, mouse, keyboard, remote control, operating system, anti-virus software, etc. Way too much hassle. And slow to get started.


      I've heard about something called a Boxee. I've seen a picture of one, and it is hideous, and won't fit (physically). What's wrong with the traditional flat STB/HiFi casing shape?


      Are there any other Sling-compatible client devices out there?

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          Raushawd Novice

          Hello Dogmatix



               Thank you for joining the SlingMedia Answer Forums!!!. I can appreciate the frustration with the situation of the slingcatcher being a EOL(End Of Life) product that being said there are several other devices that you could use to establish a connection directly to a full screen tv as you had noted you did not want to use a mobile device or pc. These are 3rd party connected devices that will be listed below. All of these devices have a slingplayer application available through there software or app store free to download. This would allow you to experience full screen quality.



          • WD TV Live Media Player
          • Sony Internet Player with Google TV
          • Netgear NeoTV, NeoTV PRO, and NeoTV MAX
          • Netgear NeoTV PRIME with Google TV


          Here is a link to the products page for further information




          Hope this helps!


          Best Regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team