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    Cannot load SlingPlayer error with Chrome


      I am able to install WebSlingPlayer plugin v1.5.14.755 on Google Chrome using Windows 7, but when I go to http://newwatch.slingbox.com/, I get a yellow bar at the top of Chrome with the error message "Cannot load SlingPlayer" and I am asked to install SlingPlayer again. After reinstalling the plugin I am get the same error message that Chrome cannot load Slingplayer and I am asked to reinstall the plug in. I go through this process over and over and nothing changes.


      Slingplayer works flawlessly with my macbook air using Google Chrome.


      These are the things I have tried:


      • Brand new install of firefox - does not work, just sits in the "Initializing" stage with a black screen
      • Internet explorer 32-bit - IE becomes unresponsive
      • Uninstall chrome and reinstall chrome
      • turn off firewall and antivirus
      • Contacted slingbox customer service - they told me to use my macbook. this is unacceptable.


      Can someone please help?