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    Gigabit switch


      Is anyone using an Ethernet gigabit switch, with there sling box? And if so how many other things are plugged into switch? If you know it won't work please explain what can be used that will allow you to sling? Where multiple eternet devices must be used all at the same area as the sling box.

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          Hi Mbski1,


          Thanks for  participating in the Forum! We do not recommend to use the Slingbox  connected to a Switch, the Slingbox might not get connectivity. But you  can use a wireless bridge or a power bridge like the SlingLinks.


          Recommended  Routers and Bridges



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            eferz Expert

            I'm using a one, specifically the....




            All my ports are full on the switch and the router (4 ports) its a bit overkill, but hey... why not?

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              BrandonC Novice

              I have ran with a Gigabit switch without problems.

              Would recommend the NETGEAR GS605AV Home Theater and Gaming Network Switch because of the way it adjusts itself based upon priority.

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                cmsdloma Newbie

                I have a large home network with 4-5 (I've lost count) Gigabit switches.  They'are all made by 3com (in fact they're discontinued) but it all works fine.  I can't see a problem if everything is running on the same logical subnet and you can ping the router from where the Slingbox is, etc.  Don't use the fancy switches which have firewalls or state management and you'll be fine.


                I was worried about the same thing because Sling's instructions say "plug the Slingbox into your router", yeah, right, my router is two floors up from where by satellite receiver is.