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    Slingcatcher remote acting odd


      Every time I push a button on the remote for the slingcatcher the slingcatcher responds with the first command that I pushed no matter what button I actually push, so If I push 735, I will get 777.  If I push up I'll get 7, if i push right, I will get 7, etc..... 


      Also, when I turn on the slingcatcher I get a response for about 4 moves, then nothing, about 30 seconds later I can do another 4 moves (up, down, right, left at the main menu before connecting to slingbox).


      I have changed many batteries, power cycle, reset remote with 0,OK etc... everything except a factory reset as I can change the channel on my iphone app, then turn on the slingcatcher and get the actual channel I want to watch for a while as the slingcatcher is still capable of connecting to my slingbox solo.  I don't want to risk a factory reset or update at this point unless I know it will work as I will not be able to put in my login data on the home screen if that doesnt work...


      Has anybody seen this behavior before?  Solutions?  I am in Germany and slinging from US west coast witha  solo currently.  Everything on that end is working fine.


      All help is greatly appreciated!


      Thanks a bunch!!!