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    S-video Connection will not work


      I was using my SB Solo successfully using composite input for a long time.   The SB was in a room with an old TV that only had composite input itself.


      Recently I shuffled TVs and moved a newer TV with S-video into the room when I upgraded my bedroom TV.  So I switched to using the S-video out from the cable box and into the TV.


      The SB passes through the S-video signal to the TV fine.  But when I connect to the SB now I get audio but a message saying weak or no video signal.


      When I switch back to using composite video then the SB again will transmit video over the Internet.


      Any ideas?   I even tried connecting the to SB when the TV was completely disconnected, but no dice.



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          Any ideas anyone?


          I  connect S-video from cable box to Sling Solo and from Solo to TV.   The picture on the TV works fine, so the signal is getting through and cables are fine.


          When I switch to composite video cables then the Solo works, but I really prefer not to downgrade my picture to get the Slingbox to work.

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              Raushawd Novice

              Hello Lonestar1



              Thank you for joining Slingbox answer's forums!!!. Based off of the information you have provided I believe you will need to go to setup.slingbox.com to reconfigure for the S-Video input as opposed to Composite. This may be the reason that you are only recieving audio. Here are some helpful articles for this situation sir.










              Hope this helps!


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              The Sling Moderation Team

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                  Thanks, that worked but I have a question, or maybe a suggestion.


                  I did not look at the article you linked initially because I did not get a new cable box.  I just wanted to use a different connection for the same cable box that I already configured.


                  So, why does each connection require separate configuration?  I can see why people might want to use it to connect different sources to the same Slingbox, but not many would need to do that unless they subscribe to multiple services, or perhaps use cable and broadcast if they do not get local stations for some reason through cable.


                  And now the suggestion, if each connection has a separate configuration, why not default all to the first one configured?   Then people could still go back and change them if they get a new cable box or service.  But we would not have to go through the same process multiple times just because we upgraded the connections used and not the actual source.


                  If I ever want to use component for example, then I will have to go through the process again and will probably have forgotten and be confused.