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    URL for a specific channel?


      Is it possible to create a URL for a specific channel?


      Now I go to newwatch.slingbox.com, then choose channel 206 on the remote or in the program to watch ESPN.


      If possible I'd like to create a URL/bookmark/shortcut/favorite to combine those two steps, so that when I open that URL the SlingPlayer launches and tunes to 206.


      If a URL won't work, maybe there's a snippet of JavaScript that will?  I think that's how the "Watch Now" link in the program guide works.  I open the program guide (in a new window), then select the currently playing program on channel 206.  A small pop-up provides a brief description of the program and includes a "Watch now" button.  Clicking that button changes channels in the SlingPlayer window.


      That's the functionality I want to create, but without having to use the Program Guide.


      Is it possible?