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    Remote conection to Pro HD


      I am at a different location from my Pro HD and was having no conection issues for the last 2 months until about 7 days ago....  I can't connect at all and get the folling error





      operation : 110


      All systems stuff on this end normal.  My son went to my home where the singbox is and sees 2 lights on front , He reset the modum o help.


      Anyone have any thoughts.?



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          Hi I have no idea whats happening, without anyone on the slingbox side and me 1000 miles away the slingbox started working........

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              Tyler.Sling Novice

              Hello Poppie69,


              Thank you for posting in our online answers forum! I'm sorry to hear you are having issues when conecting to your Slingbox PRO-HD from a remote location. However, I understand the last post, you stated the Slingbox started working. Is it working for you right now? Or are you not able to connect to the Slingbox?


              Feel free to reply


              Best Regards,

              The Sling Moderation Team

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                  I am so sorry that I didn't answer this when I should have.  After the problem fixed itself....Slingbox started to work as it should and today still provide wme with the abilty to watch NY TV 1050 miles away.  Thats important when you are a NY Giant football fan.  Since then I changed cable providers and my new remote is a basic remote that I don't like and I'm in the process of thrying to fix that .


                  Cable provider Fios

                  Cable box : Arris  IPC 1100


                  The selection does not include Arris so I'm out of luck.