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    Please add zoom function for WDTV Play


      On the WDTV Play I get black borders around my TV-image, so in fact I'm only using 75% of my TV screen while watching with Slingplayer for WDTV Play.

      Also on the 'normal' PC webbrowser, I initially get a screen with black borders around it (zoom 'D') but when I change the zoom to 'L' I get a normal, full screen image without black borders around it. Perfect.


      However, on the WDTV Play slingplayer, I get the black borders around my TV image, and I am unable to change it, as there is no zoom function available in the WDTV Play slingplayer.Adding the zoom function to the WDTV Play Slingplayer would solve the problem, because then I can just change the image to however I want it, just as it is possible on the webbrowser.

      I have tried several slingboxes, all with different setup (set-top box, no set-top box; connected via COAX, connected via component etc etc) all the same result. Some, however, have the option 'aspect ratio', just in case you want to advise me to use it: that doesn't help. Just stretches the image horizontally, not vertically, resulting in a too wide picture. Also, I don't get the option in all slingboxes I've tried.


      I've already contacted WD, but after several emails they concluded that WD doesn't actually make the software, so they really can't help me.


      I've added some images to clarify the problem


      Hopefully you can integrate the zoom function into the next firmware update for the WDTV Play, so I can watch TV without having to switch on my computer and connect it to the TV