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    Windows 8 video Freezes but audio is still working


      I have an older computer which I installed Windows 8.  The computer performance is good (cpu about 15%), 3 gb of ram, connected to ethernet and has an ATI x1300 256mb video card.  When I open the slingbox player on the IE, Chrome, Firefox the video freeze after about 6 seconds but the audio continues to play. When I refresh the browser the video starts again but again after 6 secs stops again.  I have a Pro HD sling box and it worked great when I had Vista installed.  Any ideas?

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello scarozza,


          Thank you for posting in the answers forum! I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with your video quality after installing Windows 8 to your PC. I would recommend trying another PC to ensure that it is an issue with the computer and not something else. However, we will need a bit more information to better assist you with this issue.


          • Does this issue happen when connecting from a remote location?
          • Does this issue happen when connecting at the Slingbox location?
          • Do you experience this issue with any other streaming players, other than SlingPlayer? Ex: Youtube, Netflix, etc..


          Here is an article that may also assist you with troubleshooting this issue:



          Hope this helps!



          The Sling Moderation Team