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    Why is there no Blackberry 10 app??


      The BB Z10 has a bigger and better screen than the iPhone and most Androids, and is starting to sell. It is relatively easy to make an Android app into a BB 10 app. Some Android apps themselves even work on the Z10 when side loaded as a bar file, although the Slingplayer Android versions apparently don't work.


      Please consider selling a BB 10 Slingplayer. Most people with Slingboxes would be happy to pay $15-30 for it.


      Thank you.

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          I absolutely agree -- would like to see it on BB10 for both the Z10 and the Q10 -- should be an easy port....

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              I'm in the same boat.  I am a firm supporter of Blackberry and I've owned numerous SlingBoxes and have purchased countless SlingPlayers for both Blackberry and iOS over the years.  I called the SlingBox technical support line and even tried to buy a version of the APK that I could use, fully licensed.  They declined.


              I just sideloaded a version of the Android SlingPlayer on my BB10 Z30 and it ran perfectly.  Great picture, great interface.  It eventually failed when it went to do a Android Licence check.


              Very disappointed.