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    Video works, but sometimes not remote


      Every now and then, I'll go to access my slingbox pro hd from the web, and I can't use the remote or key commands for the remote. It starts with the bandwidth and quality indicator in the top left of the browser player being greyed out, saying optimizing. From there, it'll go all green, saying streaming. I hit a button to send a command (change channel, fast forward) and it says controlling, then the green bars all go grey, it begins optimizing again, and that continues over and over again. I've tried the desktop player, the iOS player, the Android player...same problem. Then, the next day or sometimes later that day, when I come back, it works. Any thoughts?

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          Hello thenasaman,


          Thank you for using the answers forum! I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with your remote when the bit rate drops. If the bit rate is dropping like that, it will not allow you to do many things. We will need a little bit more information to better assist you. Does this issue happen when you are connecting at home or outside of the Slingbox location? Also, could you go to speedtest.net on your computer and provide me with the results of your upload and download speed?  Below is an article that may assist you.



          Hope this helps!


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