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    installing new router


      i have a new router, netgear 7550 from ATT, it does not appear in the list on the setup screen. what is the solution?

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello ACC98455,


          Thank you for posting this question to our answers forum. I do want to apologize for that inconvenience. If the router you have is not listed in the setup assistant, you can try using portforward.com. This will tell you how to setup the Slingbox for Internet Viewing. If you go to the top left corner of the website, it will have you enter the brand and model of your router. After you do this it will have you select a device from the list. It is an alphabetical order so you would need to go down to the "S" section and click on Slingbox. This will tell give you step by step instructions on how to setup the Slingbox for Internet Viewing.


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