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    connecting my media center pc to the my sling box


      so last night i grabbed my slingbox 500 I was able to add my cable box via component cables with very little problems. Now what I am trying to do is connect my media center computer via hdmi. The biggest problem I am having is that I cannot get the IR blaster to control my computer. I set up the IR blaster and the IR receiver of the media center infront of each other and when I am on the test your remote screen I can see the little red light of the IR reciecer go off showing that its getting some sort of signal just nothing it can use for my pc.


      I am not sure what to do here when selecting device I have been typing in Microsoft and have picked media center remote, univeral media center remote and even the plain Media center one. I am using xbmc on the media center pc but I don't think that makes any sort of difference.


      I have tried searching the forums but I haven found anything useful just always people trying to add slingbox player to media center which isnt what I am trying to do.