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    Installing the Slingbox 500 in Venezuela


      I installed the Slingbox 500 in Venezuela but I cant see my cable provider  in the list which is Direct TV (Venezuela). I cant find the brand and model of my  settop box which is a Direct TV HDDVR Model LHR22. How can I installed my Slingbox 500?

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          craig.sling Novice

          Hello acc512758,


          I am glad that you contacted us here on the answer forum. I do understand why you would be contacting us for some with hook up that unit in Venezuela. The Slingbox 500 is not meant to be setup anywhere but the USA and Canada. This is why you are having problems finding the correct provider. What I can suggest is using an address in the USA or Canada to setup the unit. This would let you get past the set of finding a provider. Setting it up this way would make it so that the pull up guide would not be the correct one but it may allow the setup of that box. Than the provider is not going to matter because the only thing that changed is what menus pulls up since you have to pick a location that is not where the box is setup the guide will not be correct anyway. The last part of the question is the remote. Here in the USA Directv uses only one remote code. There is a universal remote on the setup guide. You could try and use this remote and it may work. If that remote doesn't work than you would have to post to our remote address forums.I will post a link to the remote request below.



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              I set up already the Video Source Manufacturer and I can see the TV in my laptop.  The only problem is that I can just watch the same channel that we are watching in the main TV.  I can not change the channels in my laptop.


              How can I change the channels in my laptop?? Or I have to be slave of the main TV??

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                  Hey Can you install the slingbox on Venezuela Directv? what are your local internet provider beacuse I ask to slingbox support and they said to me I need 2.0mbps to upload and the best home connection in Venezuela are Inter with 0.7 mbps.

                  Can you see the fine on your client site or foreign TV?

                  I think to buy one and use with Inter  and connect to cable decoder. How can you solve the problem with address in Vzla?

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                    Tyler.Sling Novice

                    Hello ACC5127528,


                    Thanks for using the forums! I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble changing channels on your laptop. The article I have posted below will help you learn more about the Watch interface and how to change channels.


                    Here's is the link to the article:



                    Also, I would like to inform you that you are watching the same channels on your laptop that are on your TV. If you change the channel on your laptop, it does also change on the TV.


                    Have a great day!


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