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    Slingplayer for web fails where slingplayer for mobile devices works


      I have a Slingbox 500 and the following devices:


      1. An Ipad with Slingplayer for the iPad
      2. A Nokia 822 with Slingplayer for Windows Phone
      3. A Surface Pro with Slingplayer for the Web (my only option)


      I've tried the units in four wi-fi establishments over the past week.  In every one, the custom slingplayers work and the the Slingplayer for the Web fails, giving me this undocumented error message:


      There was an error connecting to your slingbox. Please try again. Do you want to retry? (Code:W211)


      The slingplayer for the web DOES work with my own in-house wi-fi, but I haven't gotten it to work in a public hotspot yet.  Why does the generic player always fail when the custom mobile units always work?  Is there ever going to be a custom player for Windows?