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    How to do DRA in Slingbox



      I am accessing Slingbox through Web Page. I want to know how to put in DRA...

      Thanks in Advance...

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          alanrichey42 Master

          DRA ?   Tried Googling it and found over 60 results:


          DRADefault Retirement Age (UK)
          DRADevelopmental Reading Assessment (educational test)
          DRADivision of Ratepayer Advocates (California)
          DRADual Recovery Anonymous
          DRADelta Regional Authority
          DRADemocratic Republic of Afghanistan (1978-1992)
          DRAData Research Associates
          DRADirectory and Resource Administrator
          DRADielectric Resonator Antenna
          DraDeinococcus Radiodurans
          DRADude Ranchers' Association
          DRADrag Reducing Agents



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            craig.sling Novice

            Hello telesp,


            Thank you for reaching out to our online forum. I'm not exactly sure what DRA is but I'm guessing that you are talking about Dish Remote Access. If this is correct it will only work with the sling adaptor or the Slingloaded Dish boxes. If you have one of these units you would have to contact Dish Network to get those units up and running. We do not do any of the trouble shooting on these units. If you are trying to use "DRA" with one of our Slingboxes (Solo,Rro-HD,350,500) you would have to get our app. I will post a link below that will show you what devices are supported by the Slingplayer.



            I hope this helps,


            Thank you,

            Sling Moderation Team