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    Pace TDS866NSD remote


      Hey folks, hey Alan!


      Your link lead me to here now. Thanks and sorry if i was in the wrong forum before.

      Found a thread from a guy "GunnerG", who obviously made this german device up working with his Slingbox.

      But there is no files, no solutions written down.

      Problem is also, that it´s NOT MY BOX, just a coworkers´ box....living in another town.

      We are doing an email- and phone setup from the distance. Sucks, i know.



      I only can believe in his messages, that he did anything i told him so far, to get the receiver running.

      No luck on the remote yet. The IR sensors are definitely working properly, and the box has internet access.


      German Sky Receiver Pace TDS866NSD


      Maybe you have them files somewhere on your HD?

      Would be kind if you can share with me/us!


      Thanks in advance,