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    No UK EPG (disappointed)- I guess there aren't any plans to support this?



      I've just bought the HD Pro, one of the reasons being the internal FreeView receiver but am quite disappointed  (well, very very disappointed actually) to find that there's no UK EPG support.  109 channels detected apparently, and I have no idea where Film 4 is!  WTF??

      Given the age of the product, I imagine that it's approaching EOL and SlingBox have no plans to actually support this but I was wondering what others do to get around this?  Are there any 3rd party software or tricks that I can use to actually work out what channel I want, or am I expected to scroll through all 109 channels and commit it to memory?

      ...or (thinking to myself, I guess I won't get around to doing this), should I just return the unit on the grounds that it doesn't actually provide such basic EPG features that a £40.00 reciever from Curry's and replace for the Solo?


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          craig.sling Novice

          Hello creativelemming,


          I'm sorry that you are disappointed that you can not get a program guide on you Slingbox Solo over coaxial. I do what to let you know that this guide working is not in just the UK. This is not a feature on any box that is using coaxial. To setup on of these guide you would have to hook your Slingbox up to a box that has a set guide such as a cable box. Just hooking it into your wall there is no way that we can tell what channels you can get there for there is no reason to put a guide of a ton of channels that you do no get.


          Hope this helps,


          Thank you,

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              Hi cr4ig4llen,


              I think you misunderstand.  The Coaxial input is set to the "Digital Antenna" input source.  The SlingBox Pro HD has an internal Freeview Tuner.  Like any other freeview tuner, you do not need to connect it to another set top box to get an EPG (how do you think other FreeView boxes work?). A Freeview Tuner uses the aerial to recieve a digital broadcast and decodes this to display on the TV.  Freeview broadcasts also embed digital EPG data within the broadcast stream, so the Freeview box can present the user with a TV guide.  This is how my TV works, how my old FreeView box works, and how my Linux box running TVHeadEnd works.


              The SlingBox Pro also supports other 'pass through' modes using the coaxial input (and the component/composite inputs) for cases where you do want to use an existing set top box, but this is not what my question is about.  I want to be able to use the box as advertised and watch a FreeView channel without interrupting viewing on my Virgin box that's attached over composite.  My question is about why the Internal Freeview Tuner doesn't seem to support the EPG for the broadcast signal that it is decoding.


              I hope that clarifies the question.  Can you confirm if you plan to correctly support FreeView with EPG data or if this is something that the SlingBox firmware will never be updated to support?




              Update:  Seems to have been an issue since it's release in 2010, and still not resolved (http://www.slashgear.com/slingbox-pro-hd-freeview-review-23103787/): "That led us to the biggest issue with the new PRO-HD: the lack of a Freeview programming guide.  On a regular Freeview box you can call up a multi-day EPG of what’s showing now and what’s on next; that’s missing from the new Slingbox.  With 87 channels tuned in (some of which are radio stations, others which require subscriptions that aren’t compatible with the PRO-HD), it proved frustrating not knowing what was showing on each, indeed not knowing – beyond the number – which channel we were currently watching."