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    Black bars when viewing slingbox




      Im having a problem with my slingbox  for some reason I'm getting black bars on the top and bottom of the  screen?


      I've  tried changing my cable box to widescreen, 4:3 letterbox and 4:3 normal  but still get the exact same bars!


      I've also tried setting the  slingplayer in windows to all the different video zoom modes including  Anamorphic but still have the same issue and it is on ALL channels.


      It appears that slingplayer is changing the aspect to 16:9, is there  anyway to force it to 16:10 so that it shows full screen on my laptop?


      Does anyone  know how to resolve this?


      It happens both on my laptop and my PC.


      Many  Thanks!

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          millermmail Newbie

          I'm not sure what you're changing on your set top box or what type of set top box (or SlingBox) you have but I think I can help.


          Try going "View > Video Zoom" and play with the different choices.




          I have a SlingBox SOLO hooked up to a standard definition (4:3 not adjustable) set top box that will always display 4:3 either filled or with black bars at the top/bottom.  The default is "normal" which works great for 4:3 set top boxes with a 4:3 broadcast but can produce some strange results if the program is widescreen.


          My laptop has a 16:9 display so when I watch a program that's broadcasting in 4:3 I use "normal" mode (ALT+SHIFT+N) and it fills from the top to bottom with black bars on the left/right.  If you prefer a stretched image, you can try "anamorphic" (ALT+SHIFT+A) but I'd rather see bars on the side than a distorted image.


          If I watch a program that's broadcasting in widescreen, the set top box puts bars on the top/bottom which results in a small picture with borders on all sides.  To make it fit my laptop screen, I use "letterbox" (ALT+SHIFT+L) which crops the top and bottom off the stream (usually just the top/bottom black bars the set top box puts on to make it 4:3) so it fits a 16:9 display perfectly without stretching.

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            Bryanod Novice

            A 4:3 stream will display at a factor of 4:3. If you monitor is 16:10 it will always have a black border.




            put your desktop resolution in the tool above.


            1024x 768 is 4:3 and on a 16:10 monitor using the device (monitor) scaler will give you black left and right borders on your Monitor but will fill the desktop when in full screen


            The sling displays 4:3, 8:3 or 16:9 a 16:10 screen will have borders somewhere