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    After Update:DVR Button Stopped Working:Sci Atl 8300HD/Cablevision


      I was recently prompted to do an update when I logged into my sling acount. I am a Cablevision/ Optimum online customer in NJ.  The cablebox is a Scientifice Atlanta 8300HD.

      After I did the update,  every button works on screen remote except the green DVR button.  Now I cannot see my recorded shows.  I have had my sling for years and never had this problem with other updates.  Customer service will not even talk to me unless I pay as I am out of warranty.  I don't get it:  I use their update, it screws up my perfectly working product and now I have to pay to get help?   Does anyone have a solution as the only one Customer Service offered me is to buy a new slingbox.

      Sci Atlanta 8300D Remote.jpg