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    Connects to the wrong slingbox


      My current setup is 1 Slingbox Solo and 1 Slingbox ProHD.  The problem that I'm having is when I connect to my Slingbox Solo the stream of the slingbox ProHD starts streaming on my iphone. When i try connecting to the Slingbox ProHD the stream of the Slingbox Solo begins to stream.  I then tried the same task using safari on my home computer and the same issue occurs. So pretty much its hit or miss when I view my slingbox streams.  How can I can I fix this? I noticed that both Public IP addresses are the same. Should they be different?

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello maxboost99,


          Thank you for posting in our forums! I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with connecting to the correct Slingbox in your Directory. This may be happening because both models currently have the same public IP address. They will need to be different. Your router assigns this automatically, it should not be giving the same IP address twice. I would recommend resetting either the SOLO or PRO-HD to factory settings and then going through the online setup assistant again. This may assign the Slingbox a different IP address. Below is a link to an article that will tell you how to reset the Slingbox to factory settings. Feel free to reply to the post if there are any further question or issues.



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