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    Ipad wifi issue


      This is an odd problem.  I'm using my ipad 4 along with the slingbox app and get profound buffering/connectivity issues (the spinning dotted wheel every few seconds or so with the video freezing for 5-10 seconds).  This is despite an Internet download speed via wifi in the 15-20 Mbps range.


      What's weird is if I give up and close out of the slingbox app after these issues, the ipad has lost the wifi connection.  Won't load a page in Safari, can't test the speed of the Internet connection via the speedtest app.  Can't check email...nothing.


      If I manually shut down the slingbox app using the ios multitasking bar then everything works fine.  My wifi connection is restored and the ipad works normally.  Web surfing, email, video streaming via Netflix all work great again.  Tried deleting the slingbox app and redownloading....same issue immediately.  Tried viewing using the slingbox via my laptop on the same wifi Internet connection and it works great.


      Would appreciate any help anyone could provide.


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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello susheel7,


          Thank you for posting in our answers forum! I'm sorry to hear you are having issues when connecting to the Slingbox from your iPAd via WiFi. You do have sufficient download speed. However, it is the upload speed that is important when connecting to the Slingbox. I understand you cannot use WiFi after closing out of the SlingPlayer application. Could you reboot the iPad and go to the speedtest application and check the upload speed. A link below will tell you the minimum requirements for upload speed when connecting via iPad. Also, I would try uninstalling and reinstalling the application if it is causing this issue to your iPad when closing out of the application. You will not have to pay for the application again as long as you are logged into the same iTunes account you were logged in to when you purchased the application.



          Hope this helps!


          Kind regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team