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    WDTV Live + SlingPlayer App


      I thought I would post this to the forum to see if there was anything SlingBox could assist with --- perhaps forward this over to the key person over at WD to raise this up the right channel...



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      WDTV Live + SlingPlayer AppDescription     Hello... I am extremely pleased with the WDTV Live Streaming Media Player. I previously used the Boxee Box and am happy with the switch.

      There are two problems with the Remote Control for the SlingPlayer for WDTV Live.

      1) The Page Up (Right Button)/Page Down (Left Button) buttons are backwards on the WDTV Live Remote Control by conventional standards. On any other remote control I have ever used, including the Boxee Box Remote Control, the Page Up button is on the LEFT and the Page Down button is on the Right. I imagine that this is extremely confusing and unintuitive for any customers using the SlingPlayer for WDTV Live.

      2) The WDTV Live Remote Control is missing a key to issue the "Exit" command to the SlingPlayer. This is a crucial command that is glaringly missing. For example, this is the command that most cable boxes will use to exit a menu or guide (not the Back Button). I would much prefer to have this command enabled as one of the colored keys, for example, instead of the Statistics Function on the Red Button. Right now, the only way to issue the Exit command is to navigate through the SlingPlayer menus to a nested screen that makes the Exit function available. This is a very big deal, don't underestimate it.

      Just to illustrate, I have the SlingBox connected to a Fios Cable Box. The lack of an exit button presents at least two issues:

      1) To exit the Program Guide, I have no choice but to press the Program Guide key multiple times to cycle through the Program Guide Views until finally exiting and closing the Program Guide. This is unintuitive.

      2) Very often, Verizon Fios will push overlays to the viewer attempting to upsell products and services, like Higher Speed Internet, Movie Packages, Video On Demand, etc. The only way to clear the screen's overlay is to send the "Exit" command to the cable box. "Back" does not do it.
      Please update the software/firmware to make the Exit command available on the remote (and reverse the Page Up/Page Down buttons)!

      Thank you.

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          Hello luckyalgothithm,


          Thank you pointing this out to us. I am sorry to let you know that we have no say in how WDTV designs their remote.  What I would suggest is posting all this information onto the WDTV forums where one of there techs can look into creating a new remote for you. I am very sorry about this inconvenience.


          Thank you for the information,


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