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    I dont have a DVR to connect the component cables to. Only HDMI ports


      My cable TV service uses a HD Digital Transport Adapter to convert the HD signal for my TV.  It only has an HDMI port. How can I hook up a 350 if there are no audio or video cable ports?

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          Hello bwheeless,


          Thank you for reaching out to us here on the forums. To further assist you I do have a question regarding your particular hook up options:


          • When you say "it only has an HDMI port" are you referring to your cable box or TV?


          I want to also share with you an informative link regarding your hookup options with the Slingbox 350:



          If your cable box does not have the connection ports available that are required, you would need to connect to a different cable box or purchase the Slingbox 500 that has HDMI ports available. If you decide to purchase the Slingbox 500 just keep in mind that you will still want to connect more than just HDMI by itself due to HDCP (High Definition Copyright Protection) or SOC (Selectable Output Control) issues. Certain channel providers (such as HBO and Showtime) will block you from being able to stream there channel through an HDMI cable. SOC (Selectable Output Control) will disable any analog outputs when the HDMI cable is connected. When Using an HDMI source with the Slingbox 500 it is highly recommended that you configure it with another source, such as component cables.


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