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    configuring the router to allow the slingbox traffic?




      I have no network light. cabling is fine and laptop is working on the same cable.  I think my sky router box is blocking the slingbox ? is that possible?


      it was all working since setting up in September 2012, then last month it stopped





        • Re: configuring the router to allow the slingbox traffic?

          Hello ACC223151,


          That is a great question! There shouldn't be any particular setting within the Sky Box that would not allow the Slingbox through due to it does not act like a regular router would. In order to get a better idea of how you have everything connected I have some further questions for you:


          • What model Slingbox do you currently own?
          • Can you walk through your current hook up? (How you have everything connected)
          • Have you made any changes or reset your router since the original hook up?


          Thank you,

            Sling Media Moderation Team