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    working in belgium?


      Hi ,


      I would like to buy a Slingbox 500 and set it up in Belgium.


      I am using Telenet and their HD Digicorder DC-AD2100.



      My questions are:


      1/ can I use the slingbox 500 in Belgium?


      2/ does it work together with the digicorder and it's remote?



      Thanks for your help!





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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello olli123,


          Thank your for posting in our answers forum! That it a great question! You can use the Slingbox 500 in Belgium. If you cannot find the set top box model in our setup assistant, you should be able to find another one that works with it by searching the model in the top right corner of the forums. You may be able to find other customers that have been able to find an alternate model to work. If not, you can use the Answers Forum to submit a remote controls request. If you do this, someone may build you a custom remote. Below is a link to an article that shows that the Slingbox will work in Belgium.



          Hope this helps!


          Kind regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team

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            craig.sling Novice

            Hello olli123,


            I'm glad to see that you have interest in our new Slingbox 500. Those are very good questions that you have. The 500 is not meant to be setup in Belgium so I can not  promise that the Slingbox 500 will work over in Belgium. There are other forums post of people setting up the units overseas, you may want to look into these. Being that the Slingbox 500 was only meant to be setup in the USA, Canada you would have to use a zip code from one of these locations to setup the unit. This is going to mess up the pop up guide so that is one feature you will not have. Also doing this may not give you the correct cable providers for you location. This will not effect the way the unit works just cause more of a head ache than anything. For the second question I can not guarantee that it will work with that cable box. Being that the box is not one that I know we have here in the USA and Canada we may not have a remote for it. You could always post on our remote request page to get a remote for that unit. I will post a link below that will take you to that page. So just to state the Slingbox may work overseas but it will not be a guarantee. The only way to really know if it is going to work for you is to try it.



            Sorry I cant be of more help,


            Thank you,

            Sling Moderation Team