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    picture freezes no sound


      I have a slingbox solo. I have no problem with other computers. My new 64 bit windows 7 professional laptop can no longer run my slingbox app or view the slingbox on firefox or chrome. The picture freezes in a few seconds and there is no sound. Videos play normally. The flash drivers were downloaded again to be sure it was not them. The slingbox was reset. There are no viruses on this pc. There are no network problems. As I said earlier, I have no problems on my other laptop. I have a 3rd laptop with win 8 pro and it worked the last time I tried it a few weeks ago.  I think it worked when I first bought the new laptop. There is nothing unique loaded on this pc to my knowledge.

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          Hello RINKER,


          Thank you for the detailed explanation of the current issue you are experiencing with your Windows 7 64 Bit and the Slingbox SOLO. Usually if the issue is only occurring on 1 PC we can determine it is something within that particular PC that is interrupting or preventing you from viewing your Slingbox. In saying that I have a couple of questions regarding this PC:


          • What is the current versions of the browsers you have attempted to view the Slingbox with? (i.e. Firefox version, Chrome version etc)
          • Are you accessing the Slingbox through Watch on Slingbox.com or are you attempting to use the Desktop application?
          • You mentioned you could not access it through the application either, what device are you using the application on? Are both the device and SlingPlayer application up to date?


          Thank you,

            Sling Media Moderation Team

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              The newest versions of firefox and chrome were used


              I tried both the non-supported app and the browser, which was updated with current add-ins. The non-supported app works well except on windows 8, except on this pc.


              Everything was up to date.


              I read on this forum that this problem has occurred in the past with other users and they had no resolution. I agree it is probably a conflict on this PC but your developers would be most likely to know the most likely areas of contention. Is it a firewall issue, an IRQ, something else? Norton 360 (comcast) is the protection and the  comcast additions (constant guard) they also offer are not installed.




              Edit 4-19:  I updated firefox with the newest plugin. Same problem. My Windows 8 pro laptop works fine with new plugin via Firefox, and it worked fine beforehand. What causes both no sound and video freezing? It must be a shared resource conflict. Where do you look and what do you look for?

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                  craig.sling Novice

                  Hello rinker,


                  Thank you for answering so fast. I see that you have Norton on your computer. This could be a major part of the issue. I do have an article I would like you to look over so that  we can try and get this working for you.




                  Hope this helps,


                  Thank you,

                  Sling Moderation Team

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                      Norton 360 is not the problem. I have used it for years and am currently using it on 2 other pcs with no problem. I used  it on another pc I no longer own with no adverse effects on my slingbox.  Please use a little common sense. If norton were a problem, many others would have complained long ago since it is so popular. This pc is 64 bit. All others are / were 32 bit. Is slingbox only intended for 32 bit computing?