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    Slingbox Solo DHCP IP address after router reset


      It seems when I reset my router, the Slingbox will not get another IP address until I unplug its power, and plug it back in again.  It happens with two routers, a Buffalo G54 and now my Apple Airport Extreme.  It is connected via Ethernet directly to the router.  It became a problem with there was a power failure at home, the network came back up but the Slingbox just sat there blinking.  Once I reset it, everything was fine.
      Is there a way to tell the Slingbox to refresh its IP address every day?  If I'm away for a few days I won't be able to reset it.

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          Routers use something called 'leases' to assign DHCP addresses. Lease time is the number of days a device keeps its ip address before a refresh. Your router has a setting called lease time. You might try changing lease time to a short period of time. If it is short, change it to several days. Just remember the setting in case it creates problems elsewhere so you can put it back to its original state (or you could just reset the router). Or you could assign it a static IP address if you can identify the slingbox in a router configuration screen. I doubt you have acccess to a configuration screen on the slingbox.

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            Hello JustinCPA,


            That's an interesting question. Currently the Slingbox does not have a way to refresh to pick up on the new IP address on its own, you would need to manually do so. The following link provides some helpful information regarding how the Slingbox picks up on a new IP address:



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