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    Audio Sync adjustments when using A2DP?


      Is there any way of adjusting audio sync on an android phone? The sync is fine when playing through the phone's speaker but is off when connecting through Bluetooth (A2DP). I would love to see an audio sync adjustment - even a manual one - in the software.


      Also... Why can't I search for channels by name? If I want to watch CNN, there doesn't seem to be a search function to find the channel. I'm not great at remembering channel numbers, but I can remember the channel names ok. I could also request a search for specific shows in the program guide - I would have thought that to be basic program guide functionality.


      Also why doesn't the software remember my zoom settings. I have to adjust it every time.


      Finally - is there any way of getting closed captions to work?


      I'm not sure why this software is so expensive when it has only really basic functionality. Thanks



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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello nickhull,


          Thank you for using our online answers forum! There is not an audio sync adjustment setting associated with SlingPlayer for Android, as of right now. The issue is because your are connecting through Bluetooth, which tends to slow the connection. As for the channel guide, it should show the name of the station to the left. Usually, it shows the logo of the station and the abbreviations for the station. If it does not, you will want to ensure you have the latest version of SlingPlayer for Android. If you login and go to settings, go all the way to the bottom and it will tell you the SlingPlayer version. The latest version is 2.4.3. If yours does not say that, I would recommend uninstalling/reinstalling the application. Closed caption is a feature in SlingPlayer 2.0. Which is known as our legacy Desktop SlingPlayer. Below is a link that shows that. If you are using Watch on Slingbox.com, there is not a feature built in to the SlingPlayer. The only way would be to turn on closed captioning on your set-top box, if it has it. Feel free to reply if you have any other questions.



          Hope this helps!



          The Sling Moderation Team