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    Sling Box Auto-discovery across large network




      I have 8 slingbox Pro-HD devices on a large network.  I need to be able to connect to them without the use of a sling account.


      When I plug a laptop into the same physical switch at the slingboxes, auto discovery works flawlessly.  However when I am elsewhere on the network, it does not work at all.  Has anyone else encountered this issue?  Is there a way to redistribute the discovery packets?



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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Angelo,



          The only way I can think of to make manual Directory entries without Sling accounts is to use an older Windows version of SlingPlayer from before that change was made, or use the current Mac version.  It might take a little digging, but I'm sure you can find a pre-2.0 copy for Windows.  The current Mac version doesn't rely on Sling accounts for anything.



          If you don't mind, what is the problem with using Sling accounts to manage the Directory ?



          Regarding auto-discovery over the LAN, are you running into a problem with different subnets ?



          - Az

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              AZ.  Thanks for the response.  That's a good idea and I think I'll try to work on that.


              The Auto discovery issue I'm experiencing is across subnets yes.


              The reason I cant use sling accounts is pretty simple.


              My institution is a very large cancer hospital in Houston. We sit right on the coast and are very suseptiable to hurricanes. We use broadcast television (off-air local stations) durring hurricanes in one of our incident command centers, to make decissions that affect the hospital as a whole.  We take the antena to a series of amps and splitters and into 8 slingboxes.  We have several incident command centers across the campus based on the type of emergency and status of the hospital. 


              The reason we cannot use sling accounts is we cant garuntee we will always have internet, but we can garuntee we will always have a local network.