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    Error: 0x92340108


      I am trying to connect to my Slingbox through the internet and get the following error message:  Error: 0x92340108?  Can someone help me on this?

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          I am getting the same error message. I tried logging on with my mobile, online, and desktop and nothing is working. Maybe their network is down.

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            Hello P2square and Lovely_jones,

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            If you are still having the same issue connecting to the Slingbox, please have a look at these links.


            I can't connect  to my Slingbox when I am at home


            Internet Viewing  has stopped working and I am not at home


            Internet  Viewing  has stopped working and I am currently at home


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                I'm seeing this error too but only on a Windows 7 system. Can view Sling stream fine on Mac using same network but complete fail on Windows system

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                    eferz Expert
                    The Slingbox can't be located. [Advanced users: the error code is 0x92340108.]


                    That error might have to do with the current issues on Sling Servers, you can probably by pass the issue by creating a SLingbox entry with the private IP and port number of the Slingbox.  Otherwise, there could be a software firewall on your WIndows computer preventing the SLingplayer from communicating with the Slingbox.

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                        Thanks @eferz for a super quick response - hadn't realized there was a problem at Sling's end until now. Had been tearing my hair out for past 2 evenings.


                        I ended up being able to watch my box via IE8 at watch.slingbox.com: not as good as the native Player, but not too bad.


                        Will keep an eye on the Sling Support forums. And thanks again for your message

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                            eferz Expert

                            You're welcome.  Glad I could clear that up for you.

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                                There is certainly something up at Sling.  Check out my tests:


                                1)      Home network works fine. Always able to connect.

                                2)      I disconnect from my home network and use my air card on the Verizon network.

                                1. First attempt – no connect and usual error message
                                2. Second attempt – ditto
                                3. Third attempt – successful connection. – Note – I made no changes at all with each attempt – just kept hitting connect.

                                3)      I also have the Sling app for iPhone.  I get exactly the same results in it so it is not OS or browser related.

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                                    eferz Expert

                                    It's their Slingbox Locator Service.  Since they moved it from Sling Media's offices in San Mateo to Echostar's facility in Colorado its been unreliable.  Basically, the Slingbox Locator Service similar to Dynamic DNS, as it tries to keep track of the current public IP address of your router.  The Slingbox registers itself to a centralized Sling Media server which stores your information.


                                    You can see what information it has for your Slingbox, check this link (http://srs.slingmedia.com/getDeviceInfo.asp?id=12345678901234567890123456789012).  Swap your Sling ID with the "12345678901234567890123456789012" after the "=" and you'll see the information that the Slingplayer is using to negotiate a connection.  Often times, the problem is that the information is either invalid or outdated.