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    How do I change channels w/out affecting my roommate's tv?


      I've got a Slingbox 500...and two cable boxes. One cable box is for the living room tv, the other is for ONLY the slingbox. I followed the directions that were included but it appears that the makers of Slingbox assume that everyone who owns a Slingbox lives alone.  I have roommates. When I am on my computer on the road and I change the channel...it changes the channel of what my roommate is watching back at the apartment, and vice versa. Extremely annoying. Can someone write down in easy to follow bullet point form, how I can rig my Slingbox so both myself and my roommate can be watching live tv but different channels? I know it can be done because I use to have the old Slingbox Pro.



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          alanrichey42 Master

          I suspect the wiring isn't your problem.   If the Cable boxes are the same model they use the same IR codes so it is more likely the 500 is simply operating both boxes when it transmits.  Could you move the Slingbox and it's associated cable box well away from the other one ?   A different room ?


          What type of cable box is it ?   Some manufactureres (Tivo, Dish, DirecTV) allow you to change remote addresses so you can run multiple boxes in a single location.

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            Hello fortunenooky,


            Thank you for contacting us here on the answer forum. I am sorry for this problem and would be more than happy to help. It sounds like both boxes are on IR and are running the same IR codes. The easiest fix to this issue was to change your room mates cable box over to RF setting. This would let your roommate work his cable box and would allow the Slingbox to change with no interference.


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