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    Nokia 5800, slingplayer store...


      I want Slingplayer so badly for my Nokia 5800 that I went to a site called "store.slingmedia.c0m". I don't think they are a real Slingmedia web site. They clamed to have slingplayer for my Nokia 5800. They took my money, $39 but could not seem to provide a download of the Slingplayer. Upon calling them, they said that I would get an email, the email said they would get back to me in...get this..."24 to 72 business hours"   that's 2 to 9 days if they are open 12 hours per day, 5 day per week. I think I've been ripped off as they can not provide the item that I paid them for, a Slingplayer for a Nokia 5800.


      Come on Slingmedia, look what you have driven me to because you bailed on symbian. It was on your site some time ago, then you decided to remove it. I am trying to do business with you. Why are you being so difficult?  Take the money that I want to pay you and give me a Slingplayer for symbian.


      I know Sling won't talk about things that haven't been released (though it was released and then un-released), that's fine don't talk about it, just do it, make the slingthing available to your customers that want it.