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    Issue with Connected devices.   Please Help




      I have been a long time slingbox user and had no issues until I upgraded to the 350.  When I first got it my boxee would freeze up every couple minutes making things unwatchable.   I submitted a request for help under connected devices.   That was October 26 2012.  I didn't hear one thing from sling and sadly solved my problem by going back to a computer.   As time went on you guys released an update that made boxee work but it was never the same.  So I kept using my computer.   Now I got a new tv and had to go back to a connected device.   So I was using boxee for the last month.   It works but not well.  Bad quality. And horrible audio sync. At least it works.   I think it's all good.  Then all of a sudden the other day I get this response from my post way back in October.   It now states boxee was never compatible.  But on your compatibility page it sais it works.   Here is what was sent to me :



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      Slingplayer App issue with 350

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      Hello acc3954830,




      I would like to thank you for contacting the answers forum. I am very sorry for the amount of time it has taken to get back on you with this issue. The Boxee was never meant to connect the Slingbox 500 or 350. When Boxee stopped making the unit it was fazed out of the supported list. The unit may work with the 500 or 350 but it is not a guarantee. The Boxee will still work with the older units but no more updates are being pushed to that unit and there for we can not tell you if the unit will stream correctly with the 350 to 500, witch I am sorry about.




      The devices that are supported by the 350 and 500 are:





      I am sorry about this but hope it helps,




      Thank you,


      Sling Moderation Team


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      So I was thankful as you guys let me know I should upgrade.   So I go out and Start with the Sony Internet player only to find out the app is not even available in Canada.  Use the web link workaround.  It works well.   But in no way am I keeping a 200 dollar device when the app is not even there. 

      I took it back and got the WD live.  Oh man.  It's horrible.  Maybe fine locally but not remote.   The bandwidth would fluctuate so bad.  Huge delay in button response.   Totally unusable in HD quality. I don't have bandwidth issues when the computer can hold a 7mbps stream easily from you.  Connected devices on the same network.  Horrible fluctuations. 

      So I went out and bought a neo tv.  It is working better than the WD but still bad.  HD forget it.   Button leg.  Not as bad as WD but bad. 


      So what do I do.  I take your advice and now nothing really works.  I know this must be an issue on your end as the GTV(Sony) and Computer Web player performance proves its not my end. 


      I know you guys are probably working on it but please respond to me.   Please tell me there is something going on so I don't pull anymore hair out.  All I want to do Is get home from work and enjoy some nice Slingbox.


      Thanks for listening.