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    Slingplayer streams for five minutes, then connection fails... please help!


      Hey guys,

      I am on the west coast with my Slingbox AV set up on the east coast.  Lately this past week, whenever I open up the slingplayer on my computer, it streams in the 1110 kps range for five minutes, then abruptly disconnects.  And I get this message: Connection Failed    You can't connect to the Slingbox right now.  Make   sure it's set up for remote viewing, and that the network router the   Slingbox is conncected to has the correct Port Forwarding settings.  And I try to reconnect and after a few relentless tries, it eventually reconnects.

      Everything is connected back at my home with the slingbox and the connections. And I have never had problems in the three years that I've had it.  This has just happened recently. I looked at the trouble shooting page which did not offer much help for my predicament. Could the slingbox be damaged?  Is there a way that I can check the connection from my end?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.