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    Watch TV through Slingbox in China


      Hi All,

      I am leaving soon for a year or two in China for work. Some friends told me about that Slingbox thing, which looks great. My question is , what do I need to plug this into my father's router here in Belgium, to be able to watch all available channels while in China, WITHOUT DISTURBING WHAT MY FATHER IS WATCHING. Is that possble or do I need to set up another internet connection into his house with a separate TV decoder and a separate router ??? Someone can help me on this . Thank you very much

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          daugustus5150 Newbie

          Hi Gregory,


          Thanks for using our Answers Forum! If you are looking to view the Slingbox WITHOUT affecting your Father's viewing you would want a second TV decoder for the Slingbox to use. Also, I have some information on the setup that may prove helpful.


          The Internet viewing experience


          Hope this helps,

          The Slingbox Moderation Team

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              I am currently in China and I can not get a connection.  Does slingbox use a google connection.  If so it will not work here at this time. 

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                  bobg8zwf Newbie

                  I live in China. Have two slingboxes in uk and one in China. All of them work fine, streaming into and out of China.

                  I am not aware that Sling use anything related to Google.

                  Where are you trying to Sling to? A hotel? Sometimes they limit access on their systems. But I have never had a problem here with connection, providing the internet is working. There are issues where TCP packets get mixed up sometimes (probably as they pass through China GFW), this causes the stream to "jump back" and replay what it had already shown. Apart from that, no big issues. As I am typing this, I am watching UK TV which is streaming in at 950k to a slingcatcher.