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    Using Windows Media Center Remote/Codes on Slingbox 500


      I've been looking all over the web to get this resolved.  I'm trying to setup my remote to control my media center.  The problem, as many have stated before, is that the remote that looks like a proper Media Center Remote doesn't use the correct codes for Windows 7 Media Center or XBOX 360 as an Extender.  If you choose the MCE2005 remote, the IR codes work but you get the generic black remote.  I found an article here, http://placeshiftingenthusiasts.com/forum/sling-player-remotes/custom-pvr-remote/


      that explains how to set things up with a custom remote using the old desktop app, but it doesn't explain how to do this through the web app.  More specifically, how to obtain the V1972 remote code BIN file to upload to the web app.


      On a side note, I tried the Windows Media Centre file over at JP1 that Alan Richey created, and while it give me the correct skin and some functionality, not all the buttons are available -- so it's not an ideal solution.


      Any help is appreciated.